ENAE 483/788D - Fall, 2016
Principles of Space Vehicle Design
Course Syllabus and Announcements

  Space Systems Laboratory - Department of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland


Notes and Announcements

12/13/16 - Solutions to this year's midterm exam [PDF] - sorry, I didn't have time to type it up in LaTeX

12/12/16 - I don't know how these rumors get started, but let me say this very unequivocally - graduate students in ENAE788D ARE taking the same final as ENAE483. EVERYONE in both classes should be in JMP2121 by 8am Wednesday, 12/14 to take the final. You should bring a non-internet-enabled calculator, and one 8.5x11in sheet of paper with any notes you would like. I will give you any constants (e.g., gravitational constants, planetary radii) that you need.

12/10/16 - Final exam from 2015 with solutions [PDF]
Crew Systems and Power/Propulsion/Thermal Problem Set from 2015 [PDF]

11/24/16 - No, you haven't missed my term project feedback, I'm still working on it (and believe me, I'm no happier about this delay than you are...) It should be a matter of hours rather than days now, but in the interim I've posted Tuesday's lecture with the generic feedback to help. Other than that, remember Akin's Law #9...

11/12/16 - Due to popular demand, the due date for the second term project milestone has been moved back to Thursday, 11/17. It is essential that you turn it in then so I can review them and get comments back to you on the 22nd, which is one week before the final project is due. Since all this is going to take some time, I'm going to defer the remaining homework problems and have them due after the term projects are completed. I'm planning for the problems for the three remaining sections (PPT, Avionice, and Crew Systems) to be brief, so the entire package should be a reasonable single problem set. Good luck on your propulsion exam!

11/7/16 - Sorry, we've been having some trouble finding and posting the structures lecture slides. If you need some extra time because of this, you can take until Thursday to turn in the structures problems with no penalty.

10/23/16 - The midterm exam will be this Thursday 10/27 in class. So you have an idea of what my midterms look like, you can download a copy of last year's midterm exam with answers [PDF]. For the exam, you can bring one 8.5"x11" piece of paper with your notes (front and back). You should bring a calculator, but no laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other internet connected devices. If you redownload the problem statements for lectures 3, 7, and 8, the problems now include solutions. These will also be available shortly for problems 9, 10, and 11.

10/10/16 - I was late getting the problems for lectures 9, 10, and 11 completed, and then the web site was down this weekend so I couldn't post them. As a result, I'm moving the due date for these three problems back to after the first term project review, so I'm also moving the midterm back a week so we have time to grade the problems and get them back to you. Sorry about the changes, but you should think of it as a good representation of what your entire professional life will be like... :-)

Teams for the Fall Term Project - (now, hopefully, the last and final version)





 Aug. 30 (#01)  PROJ/Course Overview; Project Introduction
 Sept. 1 (#02)  SYS/Space Systems Engineering
 Sept. 6 (#03)  SYS/Rocket Performance
 Sept. 8 (#04)  SYS/Engineering Graphics
 Sept. 13 (#05)  SYS/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 1
 Sept. 15 (#06)  SYS/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 2
 Sept. 20 (#07)  SYS/Space Environment
 Sept. 22 (#08)  SYS/Orbital Mechanics
 Sept. 27 (#09)  SYS/Mass Estimating Relations
 Sept. 29 (#10)  SYS/Cost Estimation and Engineering Economics
 Oct. 4 (#11)  SYS/Reliability, Redundancy, and Resiliency
Problems 3,7, and 8 due 
 Oct. 6 (#12)  PPT/Power Systems Design
 Problem 4 (graphics) due
 Oct. 11 (#13)  PPT/Propulsion Systems Design
 Oct. 13 (#14)  PPT/Thermal Analysis and Design
 Oct. 18 (#15)  LSM/Structural Design
  Term Project check 1
 Oct. 20 (#16)  LSM/Structural Analysis
  Problems 9, 10, and 11 due
 Oct. 25 (#17)  LSM/Computer Analysis/Design Examples
 Oct. 27 (#18)  Midterm Exam - covers Lectures #01-#11
 Nov. 1 (#19)  NX Q&A (w/ Siemens reps)
 Nov. 3 (#20)  AVS/Space Communications and Term Project review 2 info
 Nov. 8 (#21)  PROJ/Space Simulation
 Structures problems (15-17) due
 Nov. 10 (#22)  CS/Human Factors and Habitability
 Nov. 15 (#23)  PROJ/Space Robotics
 Nov. 17 (#24)  CS/Aerospace Physiology
 Term Project check 2
 Nov. 22 (#25)  PROJ/Project Update; Spacesuits and Extravehicular Activity
 Nov. 24  Thanksgiving Break
 Nov. 29 (#26)  CS/Life Support Systems
 Big Idea term projects due
 Dec. 1 (#27)  CS/Radiation Environment and Effects
 Dec. 6 (#28)  PROJ/Space Architecture/Habitat Design
 Dec. 8 (#29)  PROJ/Past ENAE 484 Projects



CS/Crew Systems

LSM/Loads, Structures, and Mechanisms

PPT/Power, Propulsion, and Thermal

PROJ/Term Project-Related

SYS/Systems Engineering