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2004 Events

12-14-15-04 - Robonaut, SCOUT, and Spider robots at NASA Johnson Space Center

9/29-30/04 - AIAA Space 2004 conference

9/23/04 - ENAE 483/788D Team Building Exercise

9/17/04 - Brian Roberts and Mike Lishka visit the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to check out their exoskeleton arm

9/13-16/04 - NASA Desert RATS space suit field trials in the Arizona desert next to Meteor Crater

9/3/04 and 9/10/04 - President Mote visits the SSL, and films a video spot here

8/25/04 - Another trip to the Johnson Space Center (Suit Lab)

7/1/04 - Visit to Johnson Space Center (Neutral Buoyancy Lab; Suit Lab; Building 7 vacuum chambers)

6/18/04 - ASTEP trip to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

5/04 - Ranger goes on the road to the Naval Research Laboratory

5/12/04 - Balloon deployment demo for Maryland Space Grant

4/24/04 - Maryland Day: Open House at the Space Systems Laboratory

3/9-10/04 - NASA JSC (Robonaut, rovers, and suits)

2/11/04 - NASA Goddard RMS simulator hardware

1/30/2004 - NASA Goddard clean room (Triana and Hubble hardware)

1/22-23/04 - The ASTEP team meets at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Insititute

1/4/04 - The Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center