ENAE 483/788D Teams
NASA "Big Ideas" Competition

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So, it turns out I did indeed miss one team announcement on Slack, which meant we had an additional 5-person team and only three unattached people. So, I arbitrarily added people to four-person teams, so we now have 10 5-person teams (8 undergrad and two grad). You should get your entire team together and working quickly - it's not that long to the first team project deadline.
      - DLA

Space Cadets

Lisa Wu
Kim Westbrook
Conner Smith
Andrew Cronrath
Andy Budimirovich

Team Armadillo

Christopher Howes
Jackson Shannon
Josh Kosin
Hailey Palensky
Alexander Johnson


Camden Miller
Dominick Montero
Ralph Erickson
Mark Moretto
Thomas Pitzel

Notorious ENG

Raj Patel
Benjamin Chang
Christopher Wheatley
Sean Shriner
Michael Szymanski

Unnamed Grad Team 1 (grad)

Julie Rose
Justin Kanga
Heather Alpern
Clark Esty
Li Yuzhi

Name Undecided

Jordan Boehm
Lauren Walter
Paige Pruce
Priya Dharmavaram
Sage Muffley

Terrapin SEP Space Tug (T.S.S.T.) (grad)

Angel Benedicto
Erich Robinson-Tillenburg
Victor Meszaros
Nacho Viciano Semper
Jerry Zhang

The Flying Harambes

Robert Brown
James King
Smit Shah
Eric Frizzell
Said Hamouch

Sol Invictus Members:

Leandre Jones,
Shaheer Khan,
Hermann Kaptui,
Ryan Ernandis
Rounak Mukhopadhyay


Brandi Churchwell
Daniil Gribok
Jackson Quade
Spencer Levin-Friedman
Elisabeth Cutchin