ENAE 483/788D - Fall, 2018
Principles of Space Vehicle Design
Course Syllabus and Announcements

  Space Systems Laboratory - Department of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland


Notes and Announcements

181206 - For your studying enjoyment, here is a copy of last year's final exam with solutions. [PDF]

181210 - Also, here is your midterm exam with solutions. [PDF]

181211 - The solutions to the CS-PPT problem set was posted last week - reload the problem set to see the solutions. If you don't see them, try refreshing the page.

181211 - I've said this in class, but just in case: The final exam is tomorrow 8-10am in the same classroom the class was in. For anyone with test accommodations, you should be there at 8am and take the class with everyone else, but then plan to follow me back to the Neutral Buoyancy facility to take the rest of the time on your test. Everyone should bring a calculator with fresh batteries and no internet connectivity and an 8.5x11 piece of paper for your notes (you can use both sides). You do not need to turn in the notes with the exam at the end.


Class List (latest and greatest) [PDF]

Project Assignments (and section numbers) for ENAE 484 Spring, 2019 [PDF]

Midterm exam (with solutions) from 2017 [PDF]




 Aug. 28 (#01)  PROJ/Course Overview; Project Introduction
 Aug. 30 (#02)  SYS/Space Systems Engineering
 Sept. 4 (#03)  SYS/Rocket Performance
 Sept. 6 (#04)  SYS/Engineering Graphics
 Sept. 11 (#05)  SYS/Mass Estimating Relations
 Sept. 13 (#06)  SYS/Cost Estimation and Engineering Economics
 Problems 1-3 due
 Sept. 18 (#07)  SYS/Space Environment
 Sept. 20 (#08)  SYS/Orbital Mechanics
 Sept. 25 (#09)  SYS/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 1
 Sept. 27 (#10)  SYS/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 2
 Oct. 2 (#11)  SYS/Reliability, Redundancy, and Resiliency
 Oct. 4 (#12)  CS/Aerospace Physiology
 Oct. 9 (#13)  CS/Space Life Support Systems
 Oct. 11 (#14)  PROJ/Siemens NX Tutorial
 Oct. 16 (#15)  CS/Term Projects/Habitability
 Problem 4 due
 Oct. 18 (#16)  PROJ/Design activities
 Problems 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 due
 Oct. 23 (#17)  CS/Radiation
 Oct. 25 (#18)  PROJ/Design activities
 Oct. 30 (#19)  Midterm Exam
 Nov. 1 (#20)  PPT/Propulsion Systems Design
 Nov. 6  PPT/Power Systems Design
 Nov. 8 (#21)  PPT/Thermal Systems Design
 Project Milestone #1
 Nov. 13 (#22)  LSM/Structural Analysis
 Nov. 15 (#23)  LSM/Structural Analysis
 Nov. 20 (#24)  LSM/Structural Analysis
 Nov. 22  Thanksgiving Break
 Nov. 27 (#25)  AFCS/Data Management Systems
 CS and PPT problems due
 Nov. 29 (#26)  AFCS/Space Communications
 Dec. 4 (#27)  AFCS/Attitude Determination and Control
 LSM problems due
 Dec. 6 (#28)  PROJ/Past ENAE 484 Projects
 Projects due (Dec. 10)



CS/Crew Systems

LSM/Loads, Structures, and Mechanisms

PPT/Power, Propulsion, and Thermal

PROJ/Term Project-Related

SYS/Systems Engineering