ENAE 483/788D - Fall, 2020
 Principles of Space Vehicle Design
 Course Syllabus and Announcements

  Space Systems Laboratory - Department of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland


Notes and Announcements

201215 – More ERRATA: There were evidently different versions of the solution set for the LSM problems? Reload it to get what is evidently the latest and greatest (i.e., correct). Sorry about that too.

201215 – ERRATA: There were minor typos in the solutions to the Crew Systems problems (prob 2b), PPT problems (2c and 2f, which also affected an answer in 2e), and on the midterm exam solutions (1c). If you download the docs again you will get the corrected versions. Sorry about that.

201213 – For your further studying pleasure, I have uploaded the solution set to the midterm, and a final exam from a previous year with solutions.

201212 – The solution sets for the Crew Systems, Power/Propulsion/Thermal, and Loads/Structures/Mechanisms problems are now posted. Reload the problems to get the version with solutions.

201206 — ERRATA: On the problem set for the LSM lectures, in the table on page 3, the Young's modulus for 6061-T6 aluminum should be 68.95 GPa, not MPa

201109 — One addition to the deliverables for the interim team project submission next week: one page of your slide package should be a "baseball card" summary slide similar to the NASA example from the graphics lecture. It should have a detailed mass list, list of critical parameters (e.g., mission, duration, crew size, dimensions, pressurized volume, habitable volume) and a short descriptive paragraph, as well as a "beauty shot" of the interior layout. (It's a habitat – the inside is more important than the outside.) This can be preliminary for next week, with placeholders for all of the evntual parameters but "TBD" for any numbers you haven't calculated yet is perfectly fine. THere will also be a requirement for the fully-completed "baseball card" graphical summary for the final report at the end of the term.

201106 — I lost track of time on posting homework assignments, so here's my solution – rather than have assignments for each lecture, the last homework sets will be based on topics. I am posting a short Crew Systems homework due next Thursday. The Power/Propulsion/Thermal problem set is also posted, but will be due after the progress report for the term project. That will move the due date for the Loads/Structures/Mechanisms problems to after the Thanksgiving holiday. All of these should be fairly short, since I'd like you to have time to focus your efforts on the term project.

201101 — As promised, here is the list of assignments for ENAE 484 in the Spring. I tried hard to minimize conflicts, but realized I didn't ask for enough information in the survey to get it perfect. If you have a class conflict, let me know. I think everybody got their top choice or a second choice which was very close in the rankings.

201031 — Okay, all of the solutions are posted for the lectures covered on the midterm. (There are no solutions up for Lecture #10 on Mass Estimating Relations, as it's more LaTeX than I can face right now, but we're not going to ask you to do iterative computer calculations on the exam, anyway.) Here is a copy of a past midterm exam and solutions so you can have an idea of what this exam usually looks like. Have a great (but socially distant) Halloween! (After all, it's the one day I shouldn't have to ask you to wear masks!)

201022 — It's time to sort out the project teams for ENAE 484 next term. Please go to the survey and fill it out as soon as possible so we know your preferences for project, specialty group, and class time. The due date is this Sunday, Oct. 25 (it should only take you a couple of minutes.)

201011 — ERRATA: In the problems for Lecture 9, assume a discount rate of 10%. Also, if it's not clear, I'm looking for net present value referred to 2014 as the base year of the NPV calculations.

201009 — ERRATA: In the problems for Lecture 9, the payload of New Glenn is 45 mt.

201009 — In clarification of the deliverables for the first team problem (graphics assignment): While the focus of the assignment is to work as a team to produce a high-quality solid model of a spacecraft/launch vehicle combination, we would also like to see that everyone has the ability to do a vehicle model on their own. The concept is that each person will individually create a model of the spacecraft or launch vehicle exterior, and do a rendering of that as their individual submission. We do not expect this model to be as detailed as the group submission – it's really just to show that you can do a complete (external) design on your own. The goal is for everyone to get some basic functionality with CAD software, so we want to see that you can do more than make "blocks" that get integrated into the group design.

 201008 — I'm having a problem with my server and I haven't been able to upload today's slides. In the meantime, I've uploaded them to the "Files" section on ELMS, and you can download them there.

 200928 — There were typos/"inelegantly worded problems" in the problems for lectures 4 and 5. I have uploaded revised problem statements which you can download now. I hear this isn't a good week for the Senior class in other courses, so I've pushed back the due date to next Tuesday.


Course Schedule



 Sept. 1 (#01)  PROJ/Course Syllabus; Project Introduction
 Sept. 3 (#02)  SYS/Space Systems Engineering
 Sept. 8 (#03)  SYS/Rocket Performance
 Sept. 10 (#04)  SYS/Orbital Mechanics
 Sept. 15 (#05)  SYS/Reliability, Redundancy, and Resiliency
 Lecture 1-2 Problems due
 Sept. 17 (#06)  SYS/Engineering Graphics
 Sept. 22 (#07)  PROJ/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 1
 Sept. 24 (#08)  PROJ/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 2
 Sept. 29 (#09)  SYS/Cost Estimation and Engineering Economics
 Oct. 1 (#10)

 SYS/Mass Estimating Relations

 Oct. 6 (#11)  SYS/Space Environment
 Lecture 3-5 Problems due
 Oct. 8 (#12)  CS/Habitability
 Oct. 13 (#13)  CS/Habitability
 Lectures 9-11 Problems due
 Oct. 15 (#14)  CS/Aerospace Physiology
 Oct. 20 (#15)  CS/Life Support Systems
 Team Problem 1 (Engineering Graphics) due
 Oct. 22 (#16)  CS/Radiation
 Oct. 27 (#17)  PPT/Space Power Systems Design
 Oct. 29 (#18)  PPT/Space Propulsion Systems Design
 Nov. 3 (#19)  PPT/Space Thermal Analysis and Control
 Nov. 5 (#20)  Midterm Exam
 Nov. 10 (#21)  LSM/Structural Design
 Nov. 12 (#22)  LSM/Structural Examples
 Crew Systems Problems due
Reload for solutions
 Nov. 17 (#23)  LSM/Structural Methods and Materials
Team Problem 2 Interim Progress Report due 
 Nov. 19 (#24)  PROJ/Spacesuits and EVA
 Nov. 24 (#25)  Robotics and Vehicle Interfaces
 Power/Propulsion/Thermal Problems due
Reload for solutions
 Nov. 26  Thanksgiving Break
 Dec. 1 (#26)  AFCS/Avionics & Data Management Systems
 Dec. 3 (#27)  AFCS/Space Communications
 Dec. 8 (#28)  ENAE 484 Project Planning
 Loads/Structures/Mechanisms Problems due
Reload for solutions
 Dec. 10 (#29)  AFCS/Attitude Determination and Control
 Team Project 2 (Habitat Design) due (12/15)


AFCS/Avionics & Flight Control Software

CS/Crew Systems

LSM/Loads, Structures, and Mechanisms

MPA/Mission Planning & Analysis

PPT/Power, Propulsion, and Thermal

PROJ/Term Project-Related

SYS/Systems Engineering