ENAE 483/788D - Fall, 2021
 Principles of Space Vehicle Design
 Course Syllabus and Announcements

  Space Systems Laboratory - Department of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland


Notes and Announcements

 211208 – There is not going to be a Loads/Structures/Mechanisms problem set as such. I will post a set of LSM problems with solutions a a guide to what you might see on the final exam. (I'll also post the solutions to all the other homework problems shortly.) As a reminder, the final exam is Monday 12/15 at 8am in our normal classroom, you can have two 8.5x11 sheets of paper for notes, bring a (non-internet-enabled) calculator.

 211202 – I need to update the last few weeks of this site, but in the interim, here are the slides I showed on Tuesday outlining the expectations for the term project. Also note the new final page, which sets Monday, 12/13 as the due date for the submissions.

 211112 – The university is shutting off paper to the Kim building this weekend, which means that this web site will be down. I'll be posting stuff to the ENAE 483/788D Teams site in the interim, and will catch up here on Monday. Have a nice weekend!

 211108 – I believe there were five of you who missed the midterm exam. If you did, please send me an e-mail (dakin@ssl.umd.edu) and I will make arrangements for a makeup exam in my absence.

 211108 – I apologize for not being there last week; as Nick may have told you, I'm dealing with a family emergency and am likely to be away for the next few days as well. Until I get back, I'll be posting lectures (slides and video) asynchronously, with the slides posted here as usual and the videos on the 483/788D Teams site. I'll be posting the PPT homework shortly and moving the due date back to Tuesday 11/16 so you have a full week to work on it. Please continue to show up for class time and work in your teams on your projects. On Thursday, Nov. 18, I would like for each of the seven teams (including the grad team) to give a 10-minute presentation in class on their progress to date and plans for the rest of the term. This time limit will be strictly enforced so we can finish the class on time.

 211101 – Since you didn't get much of a chance to work on the homework before Thursday last week because of the midterm, I'm going to postpone the due date for the Crew Systems homework to Thursday. Also, I'm going to do another "flipped" class on Tuesday so you can work on term projects in your groups, so please show up and interact with your team!

 211024 – For the midterm exam on Thursday: It will be in person in our normal classroom. It will not be open book, but you can have one 8.5x11" piece of paper for your notes. While anything in the first 11 lectures is fair game, the vast majority of the exam will be on similar material to the homework you've had with solutions posted – in other words, lectures 2,3,4,5,9, and 11. Bring a calculator, but nothing internet-enabled: you can't use a calculator app on your phone, for instance. Unless otherwise arranged, those of you with accommodations should plan to start the test with everyone else; when the class time is up, you can follow me back to the Neutral Buoyancy facility and finish the rest of your test time there.

 211023 – I have posted the solutions to homework for lectures 2-5 and 9 – download the homework PDF again and you'll get the version with the solutions. I will post the Space Environment homework tomorrow. I probably won't post a solution for the Mass Estimating Relations lecture: it's the same process I did in class, and I can't really ask you to do an interative design analysis in an exam.

 211023 – I'll be posting homework solutions throughout the day. In the meantime, here's last year's midterm exam with solutions so you can get an idea what my exams are like.

 211021 – Today's lecture is "flipped": there is a recorded lecture on radiation effects on humans, which you are responsible for, but today's class is going to focus on the second term project and ENAE 484. It is really important that everyone show up for class today and participate!

 211009 – In preparing the homework for Lecture 11, I discovered a mistake in the lecture notes. Please re-download the lecture notes: the new file is called 483F21L11.environ_r1x.pdf and on page 20, the drag coefficient should be 8/3, not 4/3. I have also uploaded the problems for lecture 11; since they are late, I've moved the due date back to Thursday, and just to keep things separate also moved the due date for the team graphics assignment back to next Thursday 10/21.

 211008 – A line was inadvertantly omitted from the end of question 4 for the Lecture 9 problems. Please reload the assignment to find out what you're supposed to do for question 4.

 211004 – Seriously? It's been five days and only 13 of you have filled out the survey for ENAE 484 assignments? Please go to https://ter.ps/484s22survey now and fill it out!

 210928 – I corrected problem (8) for Lecture 5, but evidently did not successfully uplink the revised text until now. Refresh to see the corrected problem, or just know that the down time following a failure is one month. Sorry about that.

 210922 – Problems for lectures 4&5 will be posted tonight; again, I've changed the due date to next Thursday instead of Tuesday. I mistakenly said that Lecture 6 homework would be due at the same time, but that's wrong – both the individual and group portions of the graphics project will be due as posted on Oct. 19.

 210913 – I posted the problems for lectures 2&3 on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. I did shorten them considerably from previous years, so I think you should be able to turn them in tomorrow as planned, but if you need extra time, you can turn them in through Thursday without penalty.

You should be able to submit your homework through Gradescope via the assignment in ELMS. The Gradescope link code for this class is RW24X5


Course Schedule



 Aug. 31 (#01)  PROJ/Course Syllabus; Project Introduction
 Sept. 2 (#02)  SYS/Systems Engineering
 Sept. 7 (#03)  SYS/Rocket Performance
 Lecture 1 homework due
 Sept. 9 (#04)  SYS/Orbital Mechanics
 Sept. 14 (#05)  SYS/Reliability, Redundancy, and Resiliency
 Lecture 2-3 Problems due
 Sept. 16 (#06)  SYS/Engineering Graphics
 Sept. 21 (#07)  PROJ/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 1
 Sept. 23 (#08)  PROJ/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 2
 Sept. 28 (#09)  SYS/Cost Estimation and Engineering Economics
 Sept. 30 (#10)

 SYS/Mass Estimating Relations

 Lecture 4-5 Problems due
 Oct. 5 (#11)  SYS/Space Environment
 Oct. 7 (#12)  CS/Habitability
 Oct. 12 (#13)  CS/Habitability
 Oct. 14 (#14)  CS/Aerospace Physiology
 Lectures 9-11 Problems due
 Oct. 19 (#15)  CS/Life Support Systems
 Oct. 21 (#16)  CS/Radiation
 Team Problem 1 (Engineering Graphics) due
 Oct. 26 (#17)  PPT/Space Power Systems Design
 Oct. 28 (#18)  Midterm Exam
 Nov. 2 (#19)  PPT/Space Propulsion Systems Design
 Nov. 4 (#20)  PPT/Space Thermal Analysis and Control
 Crew Systems Problems due
 Nov. 9 (#21)  PROJ/Project Work
 Nov. 11 (#22)  LSM/Structural Examples
 Nov. 16 (#23)  LSM/Structural Methods and Materials
 Power/Propulsion/Thermal Problems due
 Nov. 18 (#24)  PROJ/Term Project progress reports
 10-minute presentations in class on progress in each of the term projects (details to follow)
 Nov. 23 (#25)  PROJ/Space Robotics
 Nov. 25  Thanksgiving Break
 Nov. 30 (#26)  PROJ/Project work session
 Dec. 2 (#27)  PROJ/TBD
 Dec. 7 (#28)  PROJ/TBD
 Dec. 9 (#29)  PROJ/TBD
 Team Project 2 (Habitat Design) due (12/13)


AFCS/Avionics & Flight Control Software

CS/Crew Systems

LSM/Loads, Structures, and Mechanisms

MPA/Mission Planning & Analysis

PPT/Power, Propulsion, and Thermal

PROJ/Term Project-Related

SYS/Systems Engineering