ENAE 483/788D - Fall, 2022
 Principles of Space Vehicle Design
 Course Syllabus and Announcements

  Space Systems Laboratory - Department of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland


Notes and Announcements

221213 – By request, here's a copy of your midterm exam for studying purposes

221212 – If you redownload the CS and PPT/LSM homework, you'll get the version with solutions included. (You may have to refresh to get it to display the new files rather than the cached versions.) Also, for your studying pleasure, you can download a copy of a past year's final exam with solutions.

221128 – The PPT and LSM homework assignments have been shortened and combined into a single assignment; it will be due on Tuesday 12/6.

221116 – As announced in class last week, there are no live classes this week. I will be posting recorded classes for your asynchronous viewing.

221101 – Crew Systems Problems are now available

221026 – Due to the ENAE 441 exam, tomorrow's lecture will be online only – you can link into Zoom via ELMS

221022 – Okay, all solutions are posted now

221021 – I have posted solutions to all problems except for #10, which will be up as soon as possible tomorrow (Saturday)

221020 – There's a lot of confusion, partially caused by us modifying requirements in light of your feedback, but anyway: for the individual contributions, all we are looking for is an external render of your spacecraft and a dimensioned three-view drawing. If you've done anything else for your individual submission, feel free to include it for extra credit.

221020 – The midterm exam is next Tuesday. To help with your studying, here's a copy of a previous ENAE 483 midterm with solutions.

221012 – The survey for 484 assignments has been out for a week and less than 2/3 of you have filled it out. I'm okay with assigning people randomly to projects, specialties, and sections, but I'd really rather have your input. The deadline for filling out the survey is tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:59pm if you want to have any say in how you spend next semester.

221010 – Because the problems for lectures 8-10 were posted Wednesday morning rather than Tuesday, I've extended the due date to Thursday 10/12. Also, if you haven't filled out the survey for ENAE 484, please do it now!

 221005 – It's time to start planning for ENAE 484 next term, and I need to know your preferences for projects and specialty groups. Please go to https://ter.ps/484s23survey and answer the questions so I can figure out who's going to be be on which teams. Do it now while you're thinking about it! We'll also discuss this as part of tomorrow's class.

 220906 – I have corrected the typo on page 17 of today's lecture notes - you should download it again to get the corrected version. (You may have to force your browser to reload the page rather than pull up the cached version.) I have also corrected some minor typos in the lecture 3 problems, and you might want to reload that as well.


Course Schedule



 Aug. 30 (#01)  PROJ/Course Syllabus; Project Introduction
 Sept. 1 (#02)  SYS/Systems Engineering
 Sept. 6 (#03)  SYS/Rocket Performance
 Lecture 1 homework due
 Sept. 8 (#04)  SYS/Orbital Mechanics
 Sept. 13 (#05)  SYS/Reliability, Redundancy, and Resiliency
 Lecture 2-3 Problems due
 Sept. 15 (#06)  SYS/Engineering Graphics
 Sept. 20 (#07)  PROJ/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design 1
 Sept. 22 (#08)  SYS/Mass Estimating Relations
 Sept. 27 (#09)  SYS/Cost Estimation and Engineering Economics
 Lecture 4-5 Problems due
 Sept. 29 (#10)

 SYS/Space Environment

 Graphics Project Progress Report
 Oct. 4(#11)  CS/Aerospace Physiology
 Oct. 6(#12)  PROJ/Computer Aided Design 2/Project Planning for ENAE 484
 Oct. 11 (#13)  CS/Habitability
 Oct. 13 (#14)  CS/Habitability
 Lecture 8-10 Problems due
 Oct. 18 (#15)  CS/Life Support Systems
 Oct. 20 (#16)  CS/Radiation
 Team Project 1 (Engineering Graphics) due
 Oct. 25 (#17)  Midterm Exam
 Oct. 27 (#18)  PPT/Space Power Systems Design
 Nov. 1 (#19)  PPT/Space Propulsion Systems Design
 Nov. 3 (#20)  PPT/Space Thermal Analysis and Control
 Nov. 8 (#21)  PROJ/Project Work
 Crew Systems Problems due
 Nov. 10 (#22)  LSM/Structural Design and Analysis
 Nov. 15 (#23)  PROJ/Work on term project
 Nov. 17 (#24)  PROJ/Work on term project
 Nov. 22 (#25)  PROJ/Space Robotics
 Term Project progress report due
 Nov. 24  Thanksgiving Break
 Nov. 29 (#26)  AFSS/Avionics and Communications
 Dec. 1 (#27)  PROJ/Extravehicular Activity
 Dec. 6 (#28)  PROJ/Space Simulation
 LSM/PPT problems due
 Dec. 8 (#29)  TBD
 Team Project 2 (Term Project) Final Report due (12/12)


AFSS/Avionics, Flight Software, and Simulation

CS/Crew Systems

LSM/Loads, Structures, and Mechanisms

MPA/Mission Planning & Analysis

PPT/Power, Propulsion, and Thermal

PROJ/Term Project-Related

SYS/Systems Engineering