ENAE 483/788D - Fall, 2023
 Principles of Space Vehicle Design
 Course Syllabus and Announcements

  Space Systems Laboratory - Department of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland


Notes and Announcements

 231212 – It appears that somehow the file I used for the Crew Systems solutions asked for a 2.4 rpm limit for question 3 rather than 3 rpm in the original homework statement. The solution techniques are identical; the Crew Systems solution has been updated for the correct (original) rotation limit. Sorry about that.

 231212 – My apologies! I thought I had posted the Crew Systems solutions weeks ago, and nobody said anything until a few minutes ago! Anyway, the solutions are here. Hint for the exam: make sure you understand the decompression R-value calculations!

 231207 – Here are the solutions to the PPT and LSM extra credit homework. As I said in class today, the final exam will cover everything in the class including the material from the midterm, you can have one page (8.5"x11" front and back) of notes, and it will be as announced at 8am Wednesday, Dec. 13 in our usual classroom. Good luck on all of your finals!

 231206 – Although it may be obvious by now, there isn't going to be an avionics problem set or any avionics questions on the final exams. Turn in your LSM and PPT homework by 9pm tomorrow when I post the solution sets if you want to get extra credit; remember that you WILL be responsible for the material on these sections whether or not you choose to do the homework.

 231130 – I'm going to dedicate today's class to group work in preparation for the final design project submission on 12/11. It would be extremely helpful to all the groups to have everybody show up to class to participate in the group design efforts.

 231128 – Homework (extra credit) for PPT and LSM are posted. The AFSS homework is still in work.

 231113 – I recognize that things are collapsing into the end of the term, with a lot of deadlines coming up; this has been exacerbated by the university canceling classes (let's be honest here) all next week. In response, I'm changing the deadline for Team Project 1 from Thursday to next Tuesday 11/21. I'm also changing the homework for the PPT, LSM, and AFSS sections to extra credit: I will post them and I encourage you to do them, but there's no hit to your grade if you choose not to. You WILL be responsible for this material on the final exam, and I will post solution sets for each of them on the last class day. I'm also reconsidering the best use of the remaining lectures, so I suggest we spend Tuesday's class with you working in your Team Project 1 teams finalizing things for the deadline next week. (This means it would be good if everyone in your team actually showed up for class so you can work together and ask me questions as needed.)

 231106 – My intention this term was to try to cut the lectures shorter so you have 20-30 minutes each class session to get together in your teams and work on projects. Since I clearly like to talk, I'm going to dedicate tomorrow's class to team design activities. This will be your first opportunity to meet together as 484 teams since the section assignment shuffle has been (mostly) completed, and (just like 484 next term) it's important for everyone to show up so you can do planning and discuss progress as a full team.

 231102 – Okay, the massive problem in overconstrained optimization is done, and your section assignments for next term are here. To make everything work out, I had to move 19 of you between projects, specialty groups, or both. Check the rosters and register for the appropriate section. Note that we are not using Section 0102, and it will be deleted from the schedule. Let me know if you have a problem with this, and note that I am defining "problem" as "I can't graduate unless you change this", not "I'd rather be in this other section". (I will also have VERY little sympathy for the nine of you who, despite repeated announcements and e-mails, never bothered to fill out the survey.) Enjoy.

 231026 – Now that the midterm is over... you all need to register for the Spring term in a few days, and it would make your life a lot easier if you could sign up for the correct section number in the first place. However, only HALF of you have filled out the survey I posted a week ago. It's in your enlightened self-interest to go to the link below NOW and take 90 seconds to fill out which section times work and don't work for you. Please do it today! (now would be good)

 231020 – Information about the midterm exam: The midterm exam will be during class on Thursday, Oct. 26. You can bring one 8.5"x11" piece of paper (both sides) for formulas and so forth. The test will cover the material in lectures 1-9. You WILL need a calculator, which must be non-internet enabled (i.e., a real calculator, not a calculator app on your phone) Here is a copy of a previous midterm with solutions so you can get an idea of what my midterms are like. (Note: because I didn't cover orbital mechanics this year, you won't have those questions on your midterm. Also note that this midterm was given over Zoom during COVID, so the test was default open notes. Your test will NOT be open notes or open book; as I said earlier, you get one page for formulas and notes.)

 231019 – Please go to https://go.umd.edu/ENAE484S23_schedule_survey and take the survey as soon as possible so we can match projects with specific sections and class times for next term

 231011 – The solutions for homework for lectures 2-4 are now posted here - go to the page for each lecture and download the problem statement again, and you'll get the version with the solutions. (If you don't, reload the splash page and try again.) These homeworks have been graded, and the grades will be available to you on ELMS and Gradescope later tonight.

 231008 – The homework problems for Lectures 6-9 are now posted. I have moved the due date for these to Tuesday 10/17, and moved the midterm exam from Tuesday to Thursday (now 10/26) to fit. You should find that these problems are shorter than the first set, particularly the homework for Lecture 2. Since you're also going to need to be working with both sets of teams (see last Thursday's lecture), I'm making the Lecture 6 homework (Mass Estimating Relations) extra credit since you'll be doing that as part of Term Project 1 anyway, and the iteration process can be tedious.

 231005 – If you look carefully at the list of teams for the first term project from today's lecture notes, you may realize that the same people are listed for teams 14 and 15. So, for those of you wondering why your name isn't on this list, surprise! You're on team 15! I'll update and repost today's slides, but for ease of future reference, here's the (corrected) list of teams for the first term project, and here are the rosters for the four ENAE 484 projects next term.

 230918 – So I wanted to resolve project placement for next term this week, but so far only 29 of you have filled out the preference form (link right under this) - please fill it out NOW unless you're okay with getting randomly assigned to the largest project of your undergraduate career... (Seriously, please do this right away!)

 230914 – Everyone please go to https://go.umd.edu/484S24_preferences and take the survey to list your preferences for both project and specialty group for ENAE 484. Descriptions of both are in the slides for today's lecture. It would be great if you could do it in the next couple of days.


Course Schedule



 Aug. 29 (#01)  PROJ/Course Syllabus; Project Introduction
 Aug. 31 (#02)  SYS/Rocket Performance
 Sept. 5 (#03)  SYS/Systems Analysis
 Lecture 1 homework due
 Sept. 7 (#04)  SYS/Systems Engineering
 Sept. 12 (#05)  SYS/Engineering Graphics
 Sept. 14 (#06)  SYS/Mass Estimating Relations
 Sept. 19 (#07)  SYS/Space Environment
 Sept. 21 (#08)  SYS/Cost Estimation and Engineering Economics
 484 Preference Survey due
 Sept. 26 (#09)  SYS/Reliability, Redundancy, and Resiliency
 Sept. 28 (#10)

 PROJ/Solid Modeling/Computer Aided Design

 Oct. 3 (#11)  CS/Aerospace Physiology
 Oct. 5 (#12)  PROJ/Team Project 1 and ENAE 484 Planning
 Lecture 2-4 Homework due
 Oct. 10 (#13)  CS/Habitability 1
 Lecture 2-4 solutions posted
 Oct. 12 (#14)  PROJ/Term Project Update; CS/Habitability 2
 Oct. 17 (#15)  CS/Life Support Systems
 Lecture 6-9 Homework due
 Oct. 19 (#16)  CS/Radiation
 Lecture 6-9 solutions posted (10/22)
 Oct. 24 (#17)  PROJ/Introduction to Rover Design
 Progress report due for Team Project 1
 Oct. 26 (#18)  Midterm Exam
 Oct. 31 (#19)  PPT/Space Power Systems Design
 Nov. 2 (#20)  PPT/Space Propulsion System Design
 Nov. 7 (#21)  PROJ/Team Design Session
 Nov. 9 (#22)  PPT/Thermal Analysis and Design
 Crew Systems homework due
 Nov. 14 (#23)  PROJ/Team Design Session
 Nov. 16 (#24)  LSM/Structural Analysis and Design
 Nov. 21  Class canceled by University
 Team project 1 final report due
 Nov. 23  Thanksgiving Break
 Nov. 28 (#25)  AFSS/Space Communications
 Nov. 30 (#26)  PROJ/Team Design Session
 Dec. 5 (#27)  PROJ/Terramechanics
 Dec. 7 (#28)  TBD
 PPT/AFSS/LSM homework due (extra credit)
 Progress report on ENAE 484 projects due 12/11


AFSS/Avionics, Flight Software, and Simulation

CSH/Crew Systems and Habitability

LSM/Loads, Structures, and Mechanisms

MPA/Mission Planning & Analysis

PPT/Power, Propulsion, and Thermal

PROJ/Term Project-Related

SAE/Systems Analysis and Engineering

SYS/Systems Engineering.,