ENAE 791 - Spring, 2020
Space Launch and Entry Vehicle Design
Syllabus, Announcements, and Lecture Slides

  Space Systems Laboratory - Department of Aerospace Engineering - University of Maryland


Notes and Announcements

200514 - Here are some simple equations for estimating the required volume of a crew cabin, and the mass based on volume.

200511 - Okay, reality has once again intruded - I will not be presenting a lecture in our last class slot on Tuesday 5/12, although I will be at my Zoom site at class time if you have any questions on your final project. I apologize, but my planned super-duper kick-ass final lecture is not happening this year.

200507 - I wrote up a document with some final guidance for your term projects which you can download here. I won't be available on Zoom at class time today (Thursday, May 7) because the new Dean of Engineering has called a faculty meeting. I am planning to do a "live" lecture for the last class session next Tuesday, please attend on Zoom if you can and watch later if you can't. I'm hoping to make it interesting...

200422 - Sorry I have not been in closer touch with you - I've been trying to reconstruct the class, hampered by a computer crash in February which evidently took most of my previous class files with it. (Yes, I do back up my computers - or at least I thought I did, but I sure can't seem to find the files I'm looking for.) I then went through the "I'll do this the right way and reconstruct everything from scratch!" phase, which has been massively unproductive given everything else that's going on. So, I'm trying to reconstruct as much as I can, using versions of files from an assortment of past ENAE 791 classes. It's an ongoing process, so please bear with me. I apologize for both the confusion and the delay.

200407 - So I have managed to get back into my web site, and have posted the assignments for the rest of the term. The date in parentheses after each lecture title is the date of the recorded lecture, available on the ELMS site. My plan is to be on my Zoom site TuTh@3.30 (access code on ELMS) if anyone has any questions, but otherwise (as per the request of the university) the course will be taught "asynchronously" (i.e., whenever it works best for you). If nobody shows up on Zoom, I'll drop off after 15-20 minutes. Please feel free to send e-mail if you have any questions at any time.





 Jan. 28 (#01)  Course Overview
 [PDF: 2.0 Mb, 63 pgs]
 Jan. 30 (#02)  Orbital Mechanics
 [PDF: 3.5 Mb, 60 pgs]
 Feb. 4 (#03)  Rocket Performance
 [PDF: 5.7 Mb, 56 pgs]
 Feb. 6 (#04)  Orbital Decay/Ballistic Entry
 [PDF: 12.8 Mb, 49 pgs]
 Feb. 11 (#05)  Ballistic Entry/Lifting Entry
 [PDF: 14 Mb, 57 pgs]
 Problem Set 1 out
 Feb. 13 (#06)  Lifting Entry/Term Project
 Feb. 18 (#07)  No lecture
 Feb. 20 (#08)  No lecture
 Feb. 25 (#09)  Entry Aerodynamics [PDF: 6.6Mb, 30 pgs]
 Entry Applications [PDF: 6.8 Mb, 27 pgs]
 Problem Set 1 due
 Feb. 27 (#10)  Cost Estimation and Engineering Economics
 [PDF: 6.3 Mb, 60 pgs]
 Problem Set 2 out
 March 3 (#11)

 Mass Estimating Relations
 [PDF: 2.4 Mb, 45 pgs]

 March 5 (#12)  Reliability Analysis
 [PDF: 6.0 Mb, 47 pgs]
 March 10 (#13)  Propulsion and Power Systems
 [PDF: 5.3 Mb, 66 pgs]
 Problem Set 2 due
 March 12 (#14)  Term Project Information/EDL Case Studies
[PDF: 4.1 Mb, 5 pgs]
 March 17  Spring Break
 March 19  Spring Break

 March 24 (#15)

 Extended Spring Break
 March 26 (#16)  Extended Spring Break 
 March 31 (#17)  Aerothermodynamics 1 (4/7/2016)
[PDF: 7.6 Mb, 141 pgs]
 April 2 (#18)  Aerothermodynamics 2 (4/12/2016)
[continued from Lecture #17]
 April 7 (#19)  Thermal Protection Systems (4/14/2016)
 [PDF: X Mb, Y pgs]
 April 9 (#20)  Sounding Rocket Analysis (4/19/2016)
 [PDF: X Mb, Y pgs]
 April 14 (#21)  Launch and Entry Failures/Abort Systems (4/21/2016)
 [PDF: X Mb, Y pgs]
 April 16 (#22)  Abort Systems/Launch Planar State Equations (4/26/2016)
 [PDF: X Mb, Y pgs]
 April 21 (#23)  6DOF Trajectories (5/5/2016)
 [PDF: X Mb, Y pgs]
 April 23 (#24)  Case Study - Entry, Descent, and Landing (3/31/2016)
[PDF: 5.8 Mb, 119 pgs]
 April 28 (#25)  Case Study - ParaShield (3/29/2016)
[PDF: 2.76 Mb, 5 pgs]
 April 30 (#26)  Ground Processing and Launch Facilities (3/22/2016)
[PDF: 8.3 Mb, 101 pgs]
 May 5 (#27)  Vehicle Reusability (4/28/2016)
[PDF: 2.6 Mb, 62 pgs]
 May 7 (#28)  Speculation on the Future (5/10/2016)
 May 12 (#29)  Wrap-up Lecture (live/recorded via Zoom)