Visit to NASA Johnson Space Center
Building 9 (Robonaut Lab and High Bay)
July 20, 2000

Robonaut reaches down to press a button to turn on a wireless camera

Robonaut overview

Operator controlling pose in picture to left

More playing with buttons

Hit the buttons...

Closeup of forearm and wrist

Closeup of wrist articulation

Another closeup of wrist articulation

Lower forearm with wiring

Closeup of right shoulder

Right arm with wiring

The face of the future? (Note extensive use of stereolithography for nonstructural components)

This is the positioning leg. (No, Craig, it doesn't have a 10Hz first mode.)

Components of left arm being rebuilt with next generation electronics. Note the cloth in background - the eventual plan is to enclose the arm in a space-suit-like fabric covering.

Closeup of left arm actuator

Closeup of finger articulations

Another closeup of finger articulations

Sketches of outer covering for completed Robonaut unit - is it just me, or have these guys been reading too many superhero comics?

Shoulder of left arm in test stand

Electronics being added to arm housing - this is still just sensor amplifiers, the control loops are all closed at the main brain level

Closeup detail of wiring hookup to actuator

The "business end" of the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) training system

This is a generic overview of the SSRMS work area.

Another overview - notice the space shuttle payload bay on its side

The Gondola mockup and Robotic Work Station that is used to control the SSRMS

A view down the simulated ISS modules toward the "docked" orbiter

A pile of payloads

Notice the fabrication technology - lightweight tubing framework and fabric, to keep the payloads light. The Shuttle RMS trainer used helium balloons (Hey! Neutral buoyancy!), but the SSRMS arm is a lot stronger

Wide angle view of work site - by the end effector, you should be able to see Dave Lavery, who braved the "forbidden zone" to provide a sense of scale. (This sucker is BIG!!!)


I'm sure there's a reason why I took this picture...

This gives you a little better view of the ISS/shuttle configuration, and the arm (mounted to a MAJOR LEAGUE pedestal, bolted down to the floor!)

That's a shuttle payload bay forward bulkhead in the foreground

Relative positioning of arm, payload bay, and ISS node (note empty "docking port")

Better closeup of RWS in cupola - 2x3DOF hand controllers, laptop, three LCD video screens... fact, if you had a better computer, and put it in the middeck, this would be a lot like the Ranger TSX flight control station!

Another picture of Robonaut hitting the button. This should be at the end of the first row, I don't know why this system insisted on putting it at the end.