ENAE 484
Space Systems Design
Spring, 2002

Class Directory and Assignments

Theoretically, you can click on the e-mail links and your mail program will pop open a blank message for you to fill out and send. If you click on the group name, the message will be addressed to everyone in the group. This doesn't replace AJCOnline as the data transfer medium of choice, but sometimes it's really useful to just send an e-mail without logging on to AJC...


 Aaron Hoskins  ahoskins@wam.umd.edu
 Will Miller  millerw@umd.edu
 Oliver Sadorra  osadorra@wam.umd.edu
 Greg Stamp  apexus@hotmail.com

 Crew Systems

 Katy Catlin  katycat@wam.umd.edu
 Avi Edery  edery@glue.umd.edu
 John Hintz  jhintz@glue.umd.edu
 Alexandra Langley  alangley@umd.edu
 Andrew Long  longa@wam.umd.edu

 Loads, Structures, and Mechanisms

 Justin Richeson  jariche@wam.umd.edu
 Eric Rodriguez  err@wam.umd.edu
 Ernest Silva  shyman695@hotmail.com
 Yudai Yoshimura  yudai@wam.umd.edu

 Mission Planning and Analysis

 Chris Bowen  clbowen@wam.umd.edu
 Wendy Frank  wfrank@glue.umd.edu
 Kirstin Hollingsworth  kholling@wam.umd.edu
 Sadie Michael  sadiem@glue.umd.edu
 Jackie Reilly  jmrumd@aol.com

 Power, Propulsion, and Thermal

 Cagatay Aymergen  aymergen@wam.umd.edu
 Matt Beres  beres@wam.umd.edu
 Nathan Moulton  moultonn@wam.umd.edu
 Christopher Work  work_chris@hotmail.com

 Systems Integration

 Meghan Baker  megbri@wam.umd.edu
 Tom Christy  jtc1000@hotmail.com
 Jesse Colville  jessecol@wam.umd.edu
 Robyn Jones  rmjones@wam.umd.edu
 Lynn Pierson  lpierson@glue.umd.edu