ENAE 484
Space Systems Design
Spring, 2003
Faculty Information and Grading Policy


 Dr. David L. Akin
Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility
Room 2100D
Phone: x5-1138
Email: dakin@ssl.umd.edu
 Dr. Mary L. Bowden
Engineering Classroom Building
Room 3146
Phone: x5-0011
Email: maryb@ssl.umd.edu

Grading Policy

Your basic grade in this class will be determined by the following:

10% Grade of specialty group on trade study review
10% Grade on individual oral presentations during Preliminary Design Review
10% Grade on written contributions to the Draft Report
25% Grade on individual oral presentations during Critical Design Review
35% Grade on written contributions to the Final Report
10% Overall project grade of your specialty group

Grades will be assigned based on an absolute set of expectations, based primarily on technical content, but also including level of effort, attention to detail, and other factors expected in a professional contribution. As a rule of thumb, the following scale will indicate the type of grade assigned:

The basic grade is then adjusted, based on intangible factors such as peer reviews, class participation, level of effort, support for (or hindrance of) others in the group, etc. This adjustment factor can increase or reduce your basic grade up to one letter grade.