Space Systems Design Library
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These are documents I have gathered over the years (mostly off the web) which are of use in spacecraft and launch vehicle design. No assertion of copyright is made: many of these are NASA documents anyway (i.e., public domain). All files are in PDF unless otherwise noted. Last updated 030221.

JSC 20466, Rev. A EVA Catalog: Tools and Equipment April, 1989 (483 pgs., 395 Mb)

Orbital Aggregation and Space Infrastructure Systems (OASIS) NASA Langley, Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts, Executive Summary, 10/2/2001 (presentation slides: 32 pgs, 2.7 Mb)
Hybrid Propulsion Module, Crew Transfer Vehicle, Solar Electric Propulsion module, Chemical Transfer Module

SSL 30256:001, Rev. F Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Standard Interface Control Document - International Space Station, Feb. 7, 1997
Part 1 - 86 pgs, 1.0Mb
Part 2 - 74 pgs, 0.9 Mb
Part 3 - 52 pgs, 1.1 Mb

SSP 42120, Rev. A Space Station Program Androgynous Peripheral Assembly System to Pressurized Mating Adapter Interface Control Document: Part 1 Core (APAS to PMA-2 & 3) - International Space Station, Oct. 30, 1998 (60 pgs., 0.24 Mb)

Guidelines and Capabilities for Designing Human Missions, NASA Exploration Team, Human Subsystem Working Group, March 2002 (99 pgs, 3.3 Mb)

NSTS 1700.7B, Safety Policy and Requirements for Payloads using the Space Transportation System - Space Shuttle Program, Jan. 1989 (64 pgs, 0.19 Mb)

SSP 50235, Interface Definition Document (IDD) for International Space Station (ISS) Visiting Vehicles (VVs) - International Space Station Program, Feb. 10, 2000 (49 pgs, 0.11 Mb)

JSC-39502, Advanced Life Support Systems Integration, Modeling, and Analysis Reference Missions Document, JSC Crew and Thermal Systems Division, Nov. 5, 2001 (63 pgs, 1.5 Mb)

JSC-38571B, Advanced Life Support Systems Requirements Document, JSC Crew and Thermal Systems Division, Sept. 2001 (95 pgs, 0.36 Mb)