ENAE 484
Space Systems Design
Spring, 2003

NASA Documentation

OASIS (Orbital Aggregation and Space Infrastructure Systems) is the output of the NASA Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts team. Part of the OASIS vision is the L1 Gateway station which is the baseline location for SCOUT operations. You can consider the transportation infrastructure of OASIS to be available for SCOUT deployment and operations.


Overview of L1 Gateway station (with appropriate music) [QuickTime; 50 Mb]

Deployment of L1 Gateway station [QuickTime; 30 Mb]

Written Reports:

OASIS Final Report for FY01 - June, 2002 [PDF; 283 pgs, 11.4 Mb]


Artist's Concepts [link to thumbnail index]

PowerPoint Presentations:

Hybrid Propellant Module Commercialization Study [3.6 Mb]

Gateway Design Briefing [30 Mb] (Note: this is the same presentation I posted to the "Course Documents" list on AJCOnline, but this one doesn't have the Microsoft Red X's from Hell...)

Hybrid Propellant Module Systems Study [2.3 Mb]

OASIS Executive Summary [13 Mb]

OASIS Power Systems [1.7 Mb]

OASIS Radiation Study [24 Mb] (That's what the cover page says, but the inside looks like a typical overview pitch)

OASIS Summary Slides [2.5 Mb]

OASIS Architecture Commercialization Analysis [9.7 Mb]

Traffic Model and Launch Costs Comparison [0.1 Mb]

SCOUT Tasks: These documents are the current best estimates of future systems for which SCOUT might be used. You can assume that these are good indications of the types of capabilities which need to be designed into your system.

Large Deployable Reflector brochure [PDF; 7.3 Mb] (not really all that useful...)

Assembly and Servicing of a Large Telescope at ISS [PDF; 0.4 Mb] (also applicable to L1 ops)