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Final Review Slides for UMd X-Hab 2016 - July 22, 2016

Full PowerPoint package w/videos (254 Mb)

Compressed PowerPoint package w/videos (82 Mb)

Compressed PowerPoint slides w/o videos (26 Mb)

Documents on Emmett Marrs

Lab photos for National Geographics

Manufacturing Building high bay - note that the comfy chairs in the shuttle aft flight deck mockup are just temporarily stored there, and can be easily removed for filming. The photos are focusing on the parts of the lab that I control - if you want to shoot in another area, you wil have to check with other faculty.

Advanced Robotics Development Laboratory - Kim building, room 1309

Robo-Ops Kokopelli driving video

Driving video [MOV: 523 Mb]

Videos of Exo-SPHERES functional testing

External view [MP4: 104 Mb]

Onboard view [MP4: 226 Mb]

Akin talk to ENAE398H 9/18/13 [PDF: 43 Mb, 45 pgs.]

University of Maryland X-Hab 2014 SDR [PDF: 16Mb]

Charlotte Griswold Bowden - photos

EUCLID (Exo-SPHERES Underwater Simulation Vehicle) Flight Video

EUCLIDintotheDepth.mp4 [MP4: 60.6 Mb, 3:32 duration]

X-Hab 2012 University of Maryland Critical Design Review

CHELONIA CDR slide package [PDF: 45.3 Mb, 105 pgs.]

Balloon Slides for Department Advisory Board

April2010Briefing.ppt (26.3 Mb)

Habitat Chamber of Commerce briefing

090325.UMd_ESMD_final2.ppt (20.4 Mb)

SSL Autonomous Sampling movies

SSL_autonomous_sampling.m4v (19 Mb)

SSL_autonomous_sampling.mov (55 Mb)