DLA/SSL Event/Trip Photo Archives

One of the facts of faculty life is that you do a lot of travel. On the good side, you wind up visiting a lot of places of professional interest, such as cutting-edge laboratories and NASA centers. I've made it a habit to carry a camera (or two!) everywhere I go, and to take pictures wherever it's allowed. This has gotten even more useful with the arrival of sufficiently-detailed digital cameras, which make it easy to digitally archive the sights of a trip, or an event held on-campus. (Indeed, in recent years a number of trips in this archive are ones that I didn't take, but others in the SSL did.) In some places, I've supplemented the pictures with relevant pictures from the Internet or other sources.

 Date  Event  Featured Items


 October 4, 2002  Visit from NOAA officials  
 August 27-28, 2002  Tours of Robonaut labs and crew training simulators in Building 9 of the NASA Johnson Space Center  
 July 19, 2002  Congressman Rohrabacher (R-CA) and staff visit the Space Systems Laboratory  Part 1
 Part 2
 April 27, 2002  Maryland Day activities in the Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility  
 April 17, 2002  Ranger Development Arm Open House  


 December 5, 2001  ENAE 100 Glove Tests
UMd Space Systems Laboratory
As one of the ENAE 100 team projects, a group of undergraduates tested space suit gloves in the assembly of large space structures connectors in the partial pressure glove box.
 June 5, 2001  Astronaut Briefing on Ranger
 UMd Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility
 The EVA crew from the next Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission (scheduled for 2/02) visit the SSL and get a Ranger TSX briefing
 May 3-5, 2001  HEDS-UP Conference
 Lunar and Planetary Institute,
 Houston, TX
 University poster displays
 ENAE 484 winning team!
 January 17-19, 2001  Astrobiology Program Review
 NASA Johnson Space Center
 Robonaut pieces
 Mars field site


 November 1-3, 2000  Inspection 2000
 NASA Johnson Space Center
 Booth displays
 Surplus training mockups
 October 20, 2000  Rover Research Labs
 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
 Mars Yard
 Sept. 19-20, 2000   AIAA Space 2000 Conference
 Long Beach, CA
 Corporate displays
 Models on display
 Hamilton-Sundstrand displays:
   Devon Island suit simulation
   EVA support rover concept
   EMU space suit (mockup)
 August 28-29, 2000  Space Center Houston
 Houston, TX
 Displays at Space Center Houston
 July 20, 2000  Building 9 visit
 NASA Johnson Space Center
 Robonaut Lab
 Building 9 training facilities
 January 13, 2000  Space Human Factors Engineering Program Review
 NASA Johnson Space Center
 Bioplex tour
 3DOF force reflecting hand controller


 November 4, 1999  Inspection 1999
 NASA Johnson Space Center
 Space Station robotics
 Russian launch/entry suit
 D-1 experimental suit
 Various booth displays


 September 22, 1998  Commercial ROV Tests at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory
 NASA Johnson Space Center
 NBL views
 Phantom 150 ROV


 April 22, 1997  Neutral Buoyancy Lab Tour
 NASA Johnson Space Center
 NBL views
 Close-ups of neutral buoyancy mock-ups